Travels 2006 & 2007

Jerusalem Ridge, KY
September 2006

The first trip "Red Pepper Mando" made was to Rosine, KY. It was a pilgrimage to the Ole Home Place of Mr. Bill Monroe. "Red Pepper Mando" arrived in this small town late on a Thursday afternoon and went straight up the hill to Jerusalem Ridge. This Bluegrass Festival is held on the grounds of Bill Monroe's home place which has been restored. After the first evening of great traditional music "Red Pepper Mando" knew this was to be a great weekend!

The next day "Red Pepper Mando" did some sightseeing. It visited The Barn in Rosine where Bluegrass music has been played continuously on Friday nights since the late 1800's. Standing in this old barn you could feel the mojo of the music. To think that Bill Monroe, Charlie Monroe and Uncle Pen had all played in this spot was like being a part of history for "Red Pepper Mando." We then headed around the corner to the cemetary where Bill and Uncle Pen are buried to pay respects. After these visits "Red Pepper Mando" headed up the hill to Jerusalem Ridge for an evening of music that will not be forgotten. The hightlight of the evening was seeing Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys, it was and honor to see this patriarch of Bluegrass Music.

On Saturday "Red Pepper Mando" had the day that most instruments only dream of. After listening to some music early in the day we went up to the Ole Home Place and found several people jamming on the porch and in the yard. "Red Pepper Mando" joined the group in the yard and spent the next few hours playing along. The people pickin in our group were from; New York, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina and Oklahoma. It was a day that will not be forgotten. The evening came to an end after three days of great traditional Bluegrass music, we were to head home on Sunday.

"Red Pepper Mando" had a great time and enjoyed getting the mojo from the Ole Home Place. I hope it does not forget the time spent at Jerusalem Ridge and represents this type of music well for years to the way that is the "Proud Caretaker" in the "Hogs" hat and Pointer Brand overalls.

Ryman Auditorium
Grand Ole Opry Stage
Nashville, TN
October, 2007

In October 2007 "Red Pepper Mando" had the opportunity to be on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium. Only one other Wynn Mandolin had been on this sacred ground, it belongs to Jesse McReynolds. While the caretaker of "Red Pepper Mando" obviously does not have the talents of all the great mandolin players who have been on this stage. It still was great to get the mojo from being at this famous place where it all began.