Silver Dollar City 2008

Silver Dollar City, MO Bluegrass & Barbeque 2008

Red Pepper Mando traveled to the Silver Dollar City Bluegrass & Barbeque Festival for an exclusive interview with
Mr. Mando

Red Pepper Mando- Hi everyone and welcome to the Silver Dollar City Bluegrass & Barbeque Festival. This year there was a tremendous lineup of Bluegrass entertainers including; Rhonda Vincent, The Grascals, NewFound Road, Cherryholmes and Lonesome Road just to name a few. I was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Mr. Mando the mandolin of the famous group Lonesome Road. So lets get to the interview...

RP- Mr. Mando thanks again for taking the time to visit with us.

MM- My pleasure Red Pepper, that is one of the greatest things about this festival. We get the opportunity to visit with our fans.

RP- Tell me a little about yourself Mr. Mando.

- Well I am a creation of Steven Gilchrist from "Down Under." I have been with Ron Pennington now for...oh I'd say more than 20 years.

- Ron quite a mandolin picker isn't he!

MM- Yes he is, but as we all know without a great instrument these pickers are just a bunch of wanna be's dreaming of the big time.

RP- I hear ya Mr. Mando, the guy I got pickin on me right now is a amateur...but he treats me real good. Speaking of being treated good I noticed your missing a part on your peghead scroll.

MM- Yes, and the funny thing is Ron has made two or three attempts to glue it back on. I just keep messin with his head man, I let it stick for a day or two then drop it off again. Really messes with ole Ron he just can't figure it out. It's my signature man...kinda like a hair cut...I want my own style.

RP- Yep, I know exactly what you mean. I had this Red Pepper inlayed on my peghead. I thought "man this is really cool, not another one like me in the world." I also notice that you are beginning to show some signs of age & wear on your top (see picture below).

MM- Well Red Pepper when you have been on the road as long as I have and had them pickin 3-4 hours a night on begins to show. Then they put you in a case and get you out the next time thinking your all tuned and ready to go. It kinda wears on you...but Ron is really good to me. He keeps new strings on me and has a really nice case to stay in. Overall I got it really good...if you know what I mean.

RP- Yes you do have it good Mr. Mando, I am sure you got another good 20-30 years of playing on the road in ya. Speaking of Ron here he is now standing behind us (see picture below).

MM- Yeah, I can't be out of his sight for very long before he goes looking for me. Of course when your are as valuable as I am...most of them aren't gonna let you out of their sight for very long anyway. I am sure you know what I am talking about Red Pepper. And besides that Ron is a photo hound...when given the opportunity he shows up for the cameras (Laughter between RP & MM).

RP- Yes, you are right Mr. Mando...listen I know you guys have got a show to do. I wanna thank you again for spending some time with us. We look forward to hearing more from you in the future. Let us know how the music is going and be sure to mention us ( when you are out on the road.

MM- You bet Red Pepper we will sure do that. the way Ron sure does like that 1.0 Wegen pick that Pepper think we might do a swap? I really like the way those Wegen Picks sound on me.

RP- (Red Pepper hands Mr. Mando the pick) Here you go Mr. Mando, my pleasure and make Ron pick a good one for me.

End of Interview

Red Pepper
- Thanks for checking out my exclusive interview with Mr. Mando. Join us again in the near future when we will have another great interview with a famous mandolin in our Travels of the Red Pepper Mando!!!