Hi, welcome to "Red Pepper Mando!" I created this website to share my love of Bluegrass Music and to document the travels of the "Red Pepper Mando." What is the "Red Pepper Mando" you ask? It is my custom made Wynn Mandolin that was built for me in 2006 by John F. Wynn of Ozark, MO (www.wynnmandolins.com).

Since I got the "Red Pepper Mando" I wondered how I could share with the world this wonderful instrument. What better way than to show all the famous places it will travel throughout it's lifetime. As we travel I will post pictures of "Red Pepper Mando" and tell the tales of; who, what, when and where. It should be alot of fun!

I will give you a little history on "Red Pepper Mando" and then we will get started. "Red Pepper Mando" was created from the idea of individuality. As I am sure most of you are aware, musical instruments have their own distinct personality. The way they sound, the way they play and they way they look. At least for mandolins, the older they get and the more they are played the better they sound. Such is the case with "Red Pepper Mando" in the year plus it has been around, it is sounding great and playing remarkably easy. As you will see in the pictures I post, it has a Walnut back, sides and neck, with a Douglas Fir top. The Walnut in the neck and peghead came from my farm, the beautiful burl Walnut back came from a log cut in the S.W. Missouri hills. When it was being created I added that one individual touch that would make it the "Red Pepper Mando" an abalone inlay of a red pepper was placed on the peghead. And with that the "Red Pepper Mando" was born.

Well that is about all for now, I am sure more will be added soon. So keep checking back and lets begin the journey of the "Red Pepper Mando." Oh by the way, my name is Pepper Jackson and I am the proud caretaker of the "Red Pepper Mando" I'm the lucky guy who gets to play it everyday and tag along when it goes on it's journeys.

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